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5S Projects | Get Closer To Freedom

Sonal Bhaskaran

When Sonal was a kid, she wanted to either be a graphic designer or architect, but wasn't keen on maths or physics and becoming a graphic designer didn’t fill her parents up with too much hope that she’d be ok moneywise as she grew older. 

She has a passion for art and design, with immense respect for those who can turn someone else’s vision into something that grabs the outside world.  She did art at A level, was always drawing away and in 2009, fell into jewellery making, setting up jewellery brand Eastern Mystic while running her other businesses. 

Her jewellery featured in Vogue Italia, Vogue UK, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Grazia amongst other publications, donning the lobes and necks of Rita Ora and Taylor Swift to name a few. In 2011, she completed her Diploma in Jewellery Manufacturing at the University of the Arts in London during the evenings, and  rebranded to Sonal Bhaskaran London. But, pressure from industry colleagues to outsource manufacturing, do more mainstream collections left her losing her love of making and designing for the pure joy of it. 

She also trains in the world of energetic healing, which she started during lockdown after being bowled over with the impact it had on her own life after just a couple of reflexology and reiki sessions. 
5S Projects | Co-Founder | Sonal Bhaskaran
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5S Projects | Get Closer To Freedom

Pras Bhaskaran

Coming soon, but in the meantime, connect with Pras here on LinkedIn

5S Projects | Pras Bhaskaran Co-Founder
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5S Projects | Making Business Growth Simple
5s | the five Stage approach to

How We Work With You

5S is a methodology developed in Japan to optimise workplace organisation. 5S and our approach on how to manage everything from process improvement through to mindset was a marriage of minds.

We don’t hang about. We understand you, your team and your business quickly, identifying the right problems that you need to solve as soon as the first session. We work with you to provide and implement the solution that is right for you and YOUR business.

The way we see it, you can only solve a problem the right way when you know the right problem to solve. We do this in two ways:  Process Improvement Advisory, Business coaching and Leadership coaching. 

5S Projects | Helping you unravel the processes that slow you down


“A sum can only be put right by going back until you find the error” The only way solve the right problem is to get to the root cause, and identify what is and isn’t working.

5S Helping Creative Agencies to get their systems and processes in order


“Everything has a place and that everything is in its place”. Processes and systems should be robust enough to adapt to the changing needs of your business.

5S Projects | Helping Creative Agencies Get Consistent With Their Processes For Faster Growth


Not maintaining or using processes for the right purpose quashes your business growth. Regular “cleaning” helps you find issues and fix them before they happen.

5S Projects | Helping Creative Agencies Streamline Their Processes For Faster Growth


Seiri-Seiton-Seisio-Repeat. Keep things simple, repeatable and measurable. Adding value in the least amount of steps increases sales while giving you back time and sanity.

5S Projects | Helping Creative Agencies Streamline For Growth With Scalable Processes


Effort goes to waste if you can’t maintain a routine. Make small changes continuously. keep processes simple to follow so that your business can quickly adapt to changing demands.

5S Projects | Helping Creative Agencies Make Better Business Decisions for Faster Growth

Our Expertise And Approach

We serve creative and digital agencies that specialise in branding, marketing, design, web and SEO with our unique approach to generating more revenue and working less through process improvement.  We’ve helped global organisations, agencies and consultancies remove the stress and mess of project management, customer journeys and onboarding, freeing up time to focus on growing and scaling their businesses. 

Some of the companies we have worked with are: Kurve, Tepfu, CODE Websites, Forty Four Media, Epic Activation, Visualise Graphics, Triple 888 SEO, Boost My Customers, Goldman Sachs, UBS, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, PWC, IBM, BCS Consulting, RBS, Coutts, Octopus Capital, The AA and The Charity Commission, Guardian Solicitors, Optio Business Services and 5th Element. 

 We’re ready to help you speed up your creative or digital agency, work less, earn more and live your life more. 

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5S Projects | Get Closer To Freedom
The 5S Projects Journey

Our Story

We help creative and digital agency owners make better business decisions for faster growth.

With change the only ever constant in our personal and business lives, we want to ensure that agency owners AND their agencies are geared up to drive and scale growth while working less and in a way that’s easy to manage, embracing change rather than fearing it.

And our business name? we wanted one that represented the way we always managed projects, not just projects for businesses, but those in our own lives. 

When Sonal was diagnosed with complex PTSD, she soon realised that the process around recovering from multiple trauma, learning to make the right decisions and moving forward in the right way was no different to how she delivered the right solutions to clients and their businesses. 

Sonal came across the 5S methodology by chance, and it completely resonated with her ethos in life that she was already applying to everything from process improvement to her trauma recovery. 

self sufficiency

As an only child, Sonal’s folks would worry that she would have no one to look after her as she got older and made it their mission for her to not have to rely on anyone.

She learned very early on to be inquisitive, question everything, do the right research in order to do things herself and make the right decisions to solve the right problem. 

Sonal also had a lot of responsibility at home from an early age. Trying to find out why things were happening the way they were and taking time to understand each person’s situation in that environment would later lead on to a passion for wanting to help people run with things themselves by learning how to navigate change in the right way. 


fix the right problem

Even in her first job, as a client services rep, she found a pattern in the client complaints that were coming through. 

While everyone else opted to focus on the sexy side of business like sales, client dinners and networking, Sonal decided to appease her frustrations around inefficiency and got buy-in from the department head to run her first project in identifying the bottlenecks and fixing the root causes in order to create a streamlined onboarding process

That resulted in client launches success rates going from 65% to 98%, clients were onboarded in a matter of days rather than weeks, which meant there was capacity to handle more new clients.  


While her closet and handbag tell another story, Sonal’s biggest pet hate is inefficiency and clutter, or things being done without the right purpose in mind. 

That, and an incredible boss at the time, had instilled her that to do a job in the best way, you need to make yourself dispensable. 

If for whatever reason, you can’t be in tomorrow, it should be easy for the job to still be done with the same, or better, results. 

enable others

After decades of working with investment banks and consultants, Sonal realised that while large corporations have access and to the best expertise to come in when changes were needed, who was there to help the small businesses?

She felt that a need existed to help those who had created a business with a certain passion and vision but didn’t know how to get their businesses to where they wanted it to be, and instead fell into the trap of creating a business only to find themselves in just another job. 

5S Projects | Get Closer To Freedom
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Our promise


We want to help at least 2000 business owners 

We want you to become self sufficient in learning the right ways to adapt easily to changing needs so that you work towards building a business that gives you the lifestyle and freedom that YOU want achieve. 

You’re so busy helping clients get ahead of their competition, who’s helping you get ahead of yours? 

Our mission

Our mission is to use our extensive experience in process improvement and working on shifting mindsets to help creative and digital agencies or consultancies understand that building a viable business that gives you more freedom isn’t just for the big cheeses in the large corporate worlds to grow even bigger. 

It’s also there for YOU to grow, scale and realise your own dreams by learning how to make the best decisions that are right for your business in order to speed up and scale up.


When you contact us, you’ll speak with us directly, and when we work together, you’ll be in the safest of hands with one of us working directly with you in your business until we’ve set out what we’ve collectively wanted to achieve.

With a proven track record of delivering the right results for our clients, we guarantee that if you become a client of ours, and continue to follow our approach and what we advise through our 1-2-1 or group programmes, you’ll be back in control, growing and scaling your business without working crazy hours and towards something that gives you focus and purpose. 

We don’t just do processes, we make sure that your creative or digital agency is set up in the most efficient way possible that brings you the outcomes you really want.

5S Projects | Helping creative agency owners make better business decisions for faster growth
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