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Why Continuous Process Improvement Helps Your Creative Or Digital Agency To Fly High

Creative and digital agencies are in the business of creative ideas, but what about creative processes? Process improvement is a critical success factor for creative teams to scale.

We’ve listed four key areas on how your creative and digital agency can improve processes in order to scale through your leadership culture, design thinking process, strategy development process, and customer experience process.


Creative and digital agencies should create a culture of innovation. This is done by encouraging creative ideation, incubating ideas in an environment that encourages risk-taking, fostering creativity through collaboration with other disciplines (i.e., art & design), and making the creative process transparent.

 Creative teams need to be given time for creative thinking as well as space where they can build on their own creative momentum without interruption from non-creative team members or client requests when coming up with new ideas. Allowing designers and creatives to have extended periods of uninterrupted work will allow them time for personal exploration which leads to innovative concepts.


There are four steps in creative processes; ideation, creative development and refinement, implementation of creative ideas in the final product or service design (i.e., design thinking), and measurement. All four steps should be iterative with a goal to continuously improve each step.

Creative ideation: This is understanding what your audience wants by using research techniques such as ethnography and conducting user interviews. A creative team can use techniques like free association brainstorming sessions for creative ideation generation.

Design Thinking Process: Design thinking happens when teams are given time to explore concepts without interruption from non-creative team members or client requests while working on new solutions that address key problems facing their customers through creative exploration which leads to innovative solutions



In order for creative and digital agencies to develop creative solutions that are aligned with business objectives, creative teams need the skills and process knowledge on how to define customer problems aligning them with creative problem-solving techniques. The best way for creative teams to create a strategy is by understanding their customers’ needs through qualitative research such as ethnography and conducting interviews



Creative and digital agencies should prioritize designing customer experiences that wow in order to grow relationships overtime while staying true to their values and themselves. This means going beyond good design.

Creative teams have got to think holistically about what it takes for businesses today not just solve your customer’s immediate pain points but also identify opportunities where they can delight their clients over time




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