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The Best Time Tracking Tools for Creative and Digital Agencies, Designers, and Marketers

Time tracking can be a pain in the butt, but for many creative and digital agencies, it’s essential for creating accurate invoices to clients. 

This is where a time tracking app becomes a life saver. A great one makes life easier for you on all fronts. They must be simple and easy to control, integrate with other systems and customisable so it fits in with what it is you need to track. 

Below, we’ve given you a run down on our top time tracking tools based on what we’ve implemented with clients and after comparing over 20 different apps. Whether you’re a creative agency, digital agency, freelance designer or marketer, these are the ones we and our clients think are great.



Time tracking is one of those tasks that always seems like such a chore, but they are a godsend for creative and digital agencies, freelancers and consultants. 

They allow you to see where time is being spent, what tasks need more attention, and how long it takes your team to complete projects. Without them, you lose transparency on where your time and energy is being spent.  For example, you might think you’re spending enough time on marketing but are baffled as to why you’re not getting many leads. 

Time tracking can help identify if you’re spending time on a particular task that’s not generating an outcome, therefore helping you to direct your energy away from the redundant tasks. 

It’s also a great way to find the inefficiencies in order for you to fix the problems, streamline processes and work more effectively without wasting hours. 


The best time tracking apps are the ones that you don’t feel overwhelmed using and actually make you enjoy the experience, whatever that means for you. 

They should be easy to use, enable creation of accurate time reports or client invoices, help you to easily track if a fixed price project is at risk of going over budget, show you the time it takes for different tasks take to complete, or help ensure that a flat-rate project doesn’t cost more money to complete than it brings in. Whether you’re tracking time for personal productivity or to streamline your business processes, a time tracking app can simplify the task.

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