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Provide a smooth ride with your customer journey

Focus on customer experience

Customer experience is critical to business success and must be top of mind when developing processes, products and services. You need to invest in becoming an experience-led business, striving to ensure that every interaction a customer has with you is positive, connected and seamless. 

These days customers expect to be remembered across multiple touchpoints so they aren’t required to repeat information or reclarify needs. Assumptions about your customers and their experience with your brand isn’t enough. 

To better understand your customers and deliver on their expectations, you must fully appreciate the journey they take. And you can only do that if you walk in their shoes.

Map the customer journey

Customer journey mapping helps businesses understand the customer experience. It helps gain insights into common pain points and define what customers, existing and prospective, need in order to complete a purchase. 

To make sure nothing slips between the cracks, every touchpoint or experience along the customer journey must be mapped out, from their original engagement with your brand all the way through to post-purchase. 

Looking at the completed journeys of many customers helps highlight potential obstacles and opportunities for the business to improve.

Identify customer touchpoints

It’s important to identify and include every interaction along the buyer’s journey. A touchpoint is any contact a customer has with your brand – before, during and after a purchase. 

Touchpoints before purchase might be ads, direct mail, landing pages, testimonials, seminars, product reviews, social media activities. Then during purchase they could be physical or online stores, sales representatives, call centre, reseller, catalogues. 

And after purchase touchpoints include onboarding processes, customer service, billing, returns, newsletters, post-purchase evaluations.

An outside perspective on the sales process focuses the business on particular customer needs at different stages of the buying funnel. It also identifies whether the customer journey is in a logical order, and highlights gaps between the desired customer experience and the one actually received. 

Clarifying development priorities in this way concentrates your investment in effort and money on what matters most.

Look at the detail behind visits to your website

Understanding how customers navigate your website is an essential component of mapping, as it allows you to pinpoint exactly where in the process something is going wrong. 

Whether your site is too slow, they can’t find what they’re looking for, or the checkout is inefficient, the result will be the customer abandoning their visit. Once you are able to visualize how your visitors interact with your brand and determine why they stay or leave, you can put plans in place to achieve a better experience for current and future customers. 

Optimizing this process will keep them coming back and choosing to spend money with you.

Benefits of customer journey mapping

A customer journey map visually reveals how well the customer experience matches up to your brand promise, and helps you understand where the discrepancies are. By optimising and improving the experiences along the journey, you’ll be building towards solid, long-term relationships with your customers. 

The process is well worth the time invested, consistently delivering a positive business impact – the most common outcomes are an increase in customer satisfaction, lower churn rates and fewer customer complaints. Now, who wouldn’t want that? 

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