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We help leaders in the branding, marketing, design & creative space to get simply scaled because...

You Can't Grow Or Scale in Chaos.

Make more money with less effort, work with more of the clients you love, and start enjoying what you do.

you want more freedom and revenue but have one or more of these

Business & Agency Challenges

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Before you throw more resources and money at an existing problem, watch this free training to learn how and what to simplify in your business in order to grow & scale profitably with peace of mind while getting more time back in your life. 

accelerate your marketing, branding or design agency and get back time with
5S Projects | Business Growth Accelerator for Creative Agencies and Consultancies

The Simply Scaled Blueprint

Take your marketing, branding or design business from drowning in manual tasks, scope creep, inefficient project management and overly complicated services to simple and streamlined processes that grow and scale your business without chaos and overwhelm.

Sonal takes you through three core phases: See, Simplify and Scale to give you the operational structures, processes and procedures that work for YOUR business that will now be streamlined to scale. 

Simply Scaled has already increased the capacity and profit of numerous businesses, helping them serve more clients with much less effort and time, and stopping the leakage of money due to inefficiency. 

If you’re serious about creating a business or agency that works FOR you, it’s time to get back to being your own boss, not your own employee.

Take a look at the phases in detail below. 

5S Projects | Business Accelerator Programmes
1. SEE

Go from not knowing what you’re working towards to having laser focus with what you want to achieve. You will start aligning your business to grow in a way that gives you lifestyle that you want to achieve. 

5S Projects | Unlock what's holding you back with our 5S Unlocked Transformational Coaching for Creative Agency and Consultancy Owners
2. Simplify

Escape from overwhelming or complex services and processes to simplified, streamlined workflows and a clearly defined service stack that gets you and your client the value that you both deserve in less time.  

5S Projects | Helping Creatives Agencies and Consultancies to Grow and Scale
3. scale

From chaos to simply scaled. Here’s where the geeky stuff happens. We source the right systems that work for YOUR business. Together, we implement and test your new streamlined processes so that you’re ready to simply scale.

5S Projects | Business Growth Accelerator for Creative Agencies and Consultancies


5S Projects | Business Accelerator Programmes
1 | SET focus
5S Accelerate | Defining the future roles for your creative or digital agency
2 | define role
5S Accelerate | Optimising time for creative and digital agency owners
3 | optimise time
5S Projects | Define the pricing and services that add value to you and your clients
4 | finalise services
5S Accelerates - Simply Scaled Blueprint - 5S Projects - Client Journey
5 | simplify JOURNEY
5S Projects | 5S Accelerate Programme for creative agency and consultancy owners
6 | Manage projects
5S Projects | Helping Creative agency or consultancy owners simplify their business and scale
8 | document sops
5S Projects | Business Growth Accelerator for Creative Agencies and Consultancies

What You Get

Investment starts from £595 + VAT.  Choose from the online course with community support, 90 day group and 1-2-1 hybrid or a dedicated 1-2-1 programme 

5S Projects | Business Growth Accelerator for Creative Agencies and Consultancies
Get more revenue AND freedom without the overwhelm and stress

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