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When Sonal was a kid, she wanted to either be a graphic designer or architect, but she was awful at maths, not too keen on physics and becoming a graphic designer didn’t fill her parents up with too much hope that she’d be ok moneywise as she grew older. 

Sonal did art at A level, was always drawing away and in 2009, fell into jewellery making. She set up a jewellery brand called Eastern Mystic while running her other businesses. 

Her jewellery featured in Vogue Italia, Vogue UK, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Grazia amongst other publications, donning the lobes and necks of Rita Ora and Taylor Swift to name a few. In 2011, she decided to study Jewellery Manufacturing at the University of the Arts in London where she rebranded to Sonal Bhaskaran London, but pressure from industry colleagues to outsource manufacturing, do more mainstream collections left her losing her love of making and designing for the pure joy of it. 

She’s always been creative herself, has a passion for art and design and immense respect for those who can turn someone else’s vision into something that grabs the outside world. 

You’re so busy helping clients get ahead of their competition, who’s helping you get ahead of yours? 

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Sonal’s most geekiest project involved spending four weeks in a war room – a basement with barely any light – translating hundreds of pages of regulation firstly into English (if you know, you know) and turning it into policy. 

Secondly, she had to put on her I.T hat and ask “what does the tech team need to do” for each requirement to turn it into a five page bullet pointed succinct list of changes that the technology team could build a compliant solution from. This didn’t just cover one area but each of the investment banking, corporate and retail divisions that had their own specific needs. 

Sonal’s largest project was co-ordinating delivery teams across 49 countries to make sure the customer journey that was developed in each was compliant with an impending global industry regulation.

Being chased by a deadline that couldn’t be altered, this involved appointing and working with country project heads, setting up regional weekly calls and making sure every single country was following the process we had developed. 

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