Automating the Service Delivery and Fulfilment Process

With a manual service delivery and fulfilment process used globally across multiple legal divisions, we sought a vendor to build a system to simplify the e-Discovery process for UBS Investment Bank

The Problem

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Manual and time consuming service delivery and fulfilment process

With a critical process such as the service delivery and fulfilment process having so many manual tasks, there was significant room for error, many of which had already resulted in issues. 

Due to the nuances and specialist work within e-Discovery, it was evident that a vendor whose product clearly understood the mechanics of e-Discovery was needed. 

We, along with PWC, sourced third parties for a workflow automation tool on behalf of UBS Investment Bank and through a structured vetting process, identified the one that closely met the needs.

I highly recommend Sonal. She is an excellent Business Analyst with exceptional problem solving skills. She is very engaging and an excellent team player who works collaborative with all programme teams. She has good business and commercial acumen. Sonal is a great asset.


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In order to find a vendor that would meet the needs of the UBS e-Discovery team, we had to first  identify the bottlenecks and pain points that existed within the current service delivery and fulfilment process.

Working with global fulfilment teams and legal teams in different parts of the world allowed us to create a golden source that highlighted all the problems that needed to be solved. 

Vetting vendors

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We developed a Request For Proposal an, along with the Vendor Relationship Management Team at UBS, incorporated a scoring process against the questions we had constructed so that we could assess the answers based on the criteria that we had set in a standardised way. 

Over a month, we assessed each vendor based on the list of problems that we needed to solve in order to find the best match for UBS. 

Vendor selection

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IBM was selected as the preferred vendor on the back of our Request for Proposals (RFP).

Developing their new-to-market e-Discovery tool for the needs that we had identified for UBS meant working closely together with the IBM developers from the very start, right from the gathering of requirements through to implementation in order to meet the needs of the UBS eDiscovery and legal teams.

The client outcome

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With our focus on gathering the list of needs and pain points, we subsequently created a project structure that involved IBM right from the beginning.

This meant that they were able to better understand the operational processes within existing fulfilment and service delivery that had to be supported and simplified by their tool, meeting  the current and future needs of UBS. 

UBS now has an e-Discovery tool used globally by over 700 users that allows transparency for management and a way to report on key performance indicators. 

Sonal worked with us on a large scale project to build a tailored application for multiple stakeholders with very specific needs. She has singlehandedly defined and fully organised our requirements and contributed greatly to its timely delivery. She’s been the foundation of the optimism that we all have and I would highly recommend her.
Ande Ilao
UBS | Product Development Manager
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