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Richard Gibbons from Boost My Customers Recommends 5S Projects

Richard Gibbons @ Boost My Customers
Digital Agency

Nick Othen from Triple 888 SEO recommends 5S Projects

Nick Othen @ Triple 888 SEO
SEO Agency

“Sonal was brilliant to work with, she really got under the skin of my business, and as we plan for growth, we now have the ability to outsource and scale more easily.”

Simon Hutchings @ Visualise Graphics
Branding & Design Agency

“Everything was in my head, I needed someone to help put all that into  processes, she was able to help me with so much more”

Adam Cockerill @ CODE Websites
Website Design Agency

Jess Cohen from Forty Four Media and Fourthwall Collective Recommends 5S Projects

Jessica Cohen @ Forty Four Media & Fourthwall Collective
Social Media Management

Oliver Dolby from 5th Element Recommends 5S Projects

Oliver Dolby @ 5th Element
Energetic Healing & Teaching Practice

Sarah O'Donoghue from Optio Business Services Recommends 5S Projects

Sarah O'Donoghue @ Optio
Business Services Agency

Hannah McClure Chalut from Hannah Jewel Recommends 5S Projects

Hannah McClure Chalut @ Hannah Jewel
Energetic Healing & Teaching Practice

5S Accelerate | Business Accelerator for Creative and Digital Agencies Or Consultancies

We do make a special offer at the end in your call with us but ONLY if we both agree that we would be a good fit to work together and you are ready and willing to implement what we coach and advise on. Whether you decide to join the programme or not, we will still ensure we provide you with something specific to the business challenge you are currently dealing for you to start work on by yourself and will check in with you to see how you are getting on. 

Those who have implemented what we have work on together have changed the direction of their business and seen positive results based on what their individual goals were for their business. Your goals and results may be different. All results are dependent on the level of your participation and interaction with the services we provide as part of the programme, and your inclination to embed what you learn throughout your business.  Our promise to you is that we will provide ongoing direct support once you have completed the programme, or even if you decide it’s not for you right now but would like some advice and first steps tailored to your current business problem.