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5S Accelerate | Optimising time for creative and digital agency owners

Gain Back Time. 

Your future, your family, your goals, and your well-being deserve more of your attention.

5S Projects | Helping Creative and Digital Agencies get back time and make more revenue

Amplify Your Profits. 

Be the one that everyone wants to work with and stop working harder than you really need to.

5S Projects | Helping Creatives Agencies and Consultancies to Grow and Scale

Get Peace Of Mind. 

By simplifying your business operations with the right systems and processes, you can focus on what really matters.

5S Projects | Helping Creative Agencies Make Better Business Decisions for Faster Growth

Our Proven Programs Are Designed For:

Don’t see your “title?” up there? Don’t worry, our programs have worked for various businesses, chances are it will work for yours to.

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You Don't Need To Have All The Answers

Despite being ambitious and successful, many business owners reach a point where they can’t step out of the chaos of their day-to-day and feel unsure of where to begin making changes so that they can increase profits and achieve their personal goals. 

At 5S Projects, we help leaders build processes and practices that deliver peace of mind.

Sonal Bhaskaran

Business ops strategist
accredited business coach & Transformational coach

As a business owner, I know what it’s like to be a turning point, but wonder if your goals are possible in the first place and feel tempted to stay where you are.

I ran multiple businesses, at the cost of my health and my personal life. I suffered from severe burnout twice, resulting in a year long health issue and being unable to work for 8 months. I can tell you now it’s not worth it.

The funny thing is, I was streamlining large corporates and small businesses to help them become more profitable and efficient, but forgot about me! I eventually did for my own business what I did for my clients.

Being successful isn’t about long hours and pandering to your clients. It’s about being smart, putting yourself first and taking back control. If you’re time-pressed and overworked then something is wrong.

When we own our own businesses, we focus on getting our clients get ahead of their competition, but we don’t get ahead of ours.

I developed my programs – The Simply Scaled Blueprint and Design For Life – from my 21+ years of experience helping leaders go from wondering what needs to change, to having the systems, knowledge, and time essential to achieving their goals.

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5S Projects | Helping Creative Agencies Make Better Business Decisions for Faster Growth
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Make The Right Changes So That You Can Grow.


Let’s discuss the issues standing in the way of your growth or achieving the profitability that you desire.


Together we’ll determine the changes and systems essential to taking back control of your business and life.


Stop wasting time, protect your business, and gain the space you need so that you can focus on your next big goal.

5S Projects | Making Business Growth Simple

Every leader deserves a framework that supports their visions in business and life.

Kurve | Strategic Growth Marketing Consultancy
luke nevill
Kurve | Marketing Consultancy Facebook Ads Strategist

“Too many businesses/people are doing repetitive tasks that end up taking majority of your time (these tasks compound over time). – onboarding – training – data entry – data analysis

However for efficiency you need to be in in a place that can be creative and productive allowing growth and momentum to build.

For example, when I start with a new client I would create the new folders, client brief, reporting sheets, clickup tasks for team and so on. Now I fill in one form and Voilà all sorted.

I recently worked with Sonal Bhaskaran and she helped to brainstorm a bunch of these processes to make them more efficient/logical.

In my case I’m already very systems oriented however Sonal managed to help me take things back to basics and work on my ICP. I know the importance of my clients ICP, but being human I neglected this myself.

We worked on who, what, where, why and how. This helped improve my systems further (because things became repeatable and relatively automated).

I’d recommend connecting with her”

Al Tepper
Founder & Marketing Coach

Over the years I’ve seen plenty of deployments and none of them went very well. I’ve seen consultants talk about “things” on a very expensive day rate and very little happened as a result.

But Sonal is different.

What she has done is taken a very cynical operation, that’s focused on strategy only and doesn’t want to get bogged down in mundane and boring details. And she has blown our minds in a number of ways. 

First of all, she has sped us up dramatically, I’ve never seen this level of care. She focuses on making the company change its mindset around systems, data and processes. 

She’s helped us to understand what matters greatly more to our customer because she’s asked us difficult questions at the right times. The result is clear, very clear and simple processes.

Where would my business be without Sonal? I would still be overwhelmed and anxious about where the growth could come from because we were at capacity.

If you haven’t spoken to Sonal yet, trust me, it will be one of the most valuable calls of your life”

Amplify Your Profits With Less Effort.

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