"If you're not fast,
your competitors will be"


Not enough hours in the day, client queries coming in where everything is “urgent”,  a workload that would make anyone cry, no chance of time off,  things slipping through the net and a thousand thoughts running through your mind on repeat make you feel like your head is about to explode. You lose the passion you had when you set up your agency or consultancy. 

It creates anxiety, worry and stress that affects just your health but your business’s too.  And if you’re lucky enough to have time away from your business, it’s just spent thinking of what might fall apart next.  

Fear of losing control

It’s difficult to let go, put your trust in another person, or a system.  But doing everything yourself or not investing in improvements reduces your productivity by 40%. You waste time, energy, revenue and your business pretty much halts if you’re not there. 

Multi-tasking isn’t a badge of honour. Spreading yourself thin risks the quality of your output. You lose focus, clients and feel the pressure. Who makes the right decisions when they’re stressed? 


Fear of failure

You help your clients stand out from the competition, but who’s helping you stand out from yours? 

You have the creative process nailed, but with the processes that keeps your branding, marketing or design agency running, you fear you’ll make the wrong decision so you make hasty ones or worse still, none at all and continue with inefficient ways of working that lose you time, money and sleep. 

All that procrastination, self doubt,  overthinking, relying on everyone else’s opinion overcomplicates what can be a simple thing to fix. 

It leads to bad decision making and reacting too late, putting the brakes on any plans for growth. 

See how we helped Simon plan for growth and scale his branding and design agency more easily

Take back control

Each year, businesses lose 20-40% of their revenue due to inefficient processes.  A higher percentage fail because they don’t have the capacity to handle more business and struggle to keep clients happy as they’ve let the quality of their services slip.  

Putting off making changes to your processes and keeping your business engine running smoothly is what holds your agency back from growing and generating more revenue. 

What would you do with that extra 40%? 

If you’re struggling for ideas, take a leaf out of our clients books and: 

  • Take a 3 week holiday after 5 years
  • Settle in to a 3 day week and watch your business scale
  • Have a business ready to franchise
  • Have a business ready to sell
  • Triple your revenue and double your team
  • Get completely out of the day to day and focus on business growth
  • Maintain compliance with your industry regulations

Under-complicate your business.

If you’re a branding, marketing or creative design agency that wants to scale up but all you see are bottlenecks in your way, we’re ready to bring 40+ years of experience to your table, get into the engine of your business to help you fix what’s slowing you down.  

By simplifying what you do today, your business becomes self-sufficient and grows faster with more ease.  We identify problems you don’t know exist and put things in place so that you make better business decisions for faster growth now and in the future.

The way we see it, you can only solve a problem the right way when you know the right problem to solve. 


Under-complicate your life.

Being a founder, entrepreneur or business owner can be a lonely place with lots of pressure, moments of crisis and plenty of firefighting. You struggle with challenges in your business and juggle that with those in your personal life too. 

How you deal with and accept past experiences shapes  how you approach situations and events today. It impacts the mindset that you use to make key decisions in your business.

Your ability to accept the past, move forward and adapt to change that determines the success or failure of your business. How do you know if you’re ready to take back control? 

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